These are the steps after the purchase of the RT
(digital recorders & printers)

Step 1: Perform accreditation with Fisco OnLine (N.B. For the new RT Telematic Recorders the census must be prepared on the tax office of the Revenue Agency (see the slide)

Step 2: Statement for the Revenue Agency and how you want the receipt

Step 3: QRCODE to send to display it on the RT
in case of remote assistance please download the free software

in case of remote assistance please download the free software ANYDESK

Step 2: Fill in the fields for the AdE

Step 2:

This form is mandatory. Without it it is not possible to deliver the purchased product. We perform Periodic Verification on all Fiscal Meters and Telematic Recorders
The legislation: the art. 2, paragraph 1, of the legislative decree of 5 August 2015, n. 127, the Revenue Agency has introduced new rules for mandatory periodic checks on cash registers.
Here are the essential points: The first periodic verification is carried out together with the compliance check of the cash register. While the subsequent mandatory checks starting from the following year, are charged to the customer and can be booked and purchased from us via the website ""

Step 3:

Click here to send the QRCODE

discontinued use:

Click here to send the last fiscal closure and activate the DAMAGED USE


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