Dear Customer,
we are pleased to inform you that it was incorporated into Italian law, by Legislative Decree n. 24 of 2 February 2002, a Community directive on the sale and guarantees of consumer goods.
With this directive, a distinction is made between consumer goods intended for exclusively private use and those used in the professional sphere.
In particular, the new regulation applies only to consumer goods destined for private use, consequently the consumer goods used in the context of their professional or entrepreneurial activity will be guaranteed according to the normal general sales regulations, provided for by the civil code.
To discriminate the type of use, the receipt will be adopted as a means of proving private use only, while in the case of purchase with an invoice, the guarantee will be carried out within the terms established by professional or business use.

A) Guarantee management through receipt (consumer)
Given that:
Directive 1999/44 / EC, represents the achievement of a high level of consumer protection, the decree regulates certain aspects relating to sales contracts concluded between Consumer and Seller, as well as guarantees concerning the consumer goods being sold.
For the purposes of the Legislative Decree, we mean:
• as a Consumer any natural person who purchases a consumer good to be used exclusively in the private sphere and therefore outside of his professional or entrepreneurial activity;
• for Seller any natural or legal person, public or private, who uses one of the aforementioned contracts in the context of his business or professional activity.
• for consumer goods any movable property, with the express exclusion of forced sale goods; water and gas, when not packaged for sale in a limited volume or in a determined quantity.
The Consumer is the holder of rights according to the applicable national legislation governing the sale of consumer goods. The warranty does not affect these rights.
The warranty is valid in all EU Member States.
According to the new legislation, any request for warranty intervention by the Consumer must be made to the retailer and / or point of sale, where the product was purchased.

B) Guarantee management through Invoice (professional use)
• The guarantee of products purchased by invoice and 12 (twelve) months from the date of purchase.
• The request for technical assistance under warranty must be expressly made with the R.M.A. by means of the telematic service of So2.it s.r.l.s.
• Before any request for technical assistance under warranty and in order to integrate any information contained in the operating manual of the respective product, it is recommended to visit the manufacturer's website where you will find lots of useful information and suggestions.

• The product sold with regular proof of purchase is guaranteed for the period as described in point "A" or Point "B".
• Guarantee means the repair or replacement of the device that presents defects of conformity to the sales contract (and in general to product information), without any expense for labor and materials, in addition to the relative costs to the shipping costs for the Consumer.
• The warranty is valid only if it is accompanied by the valid proof of purchase (invoice or receipt), and must be presented at the time of the request for intervention.
• The product under warranty must be returned only in its original packaging, complete with all accessories.
• The serial number (serial number) on the product must not be canceled or made illegible in any way, otherwise the warranty will be invalid.
• The warranty does not apply in the event of damage caused by negligence, use or installation that does not comply with the instructions provided, tampering with, modifications to the product, or serial number, damage due to accidental causes or negligence of the purchaser with particular reference to the parts exterior. It also does not apply in the event of faults resulting from device connections to voltages other than those indicated or to sudden changes in the mains voltage to which the equipment is connected, as well as in the event of faults caused by liquid infiltration, fire or discharge inductive / electrostatic or discharged caused by lightning, overvoltages or other phenomena external to the appliance.
• The parts subject to wear after use are excluded from the guarantee, the batteries when supplied, cables and connection cords, connectors, external parts and plastic supports, which do not have manufacturing defects.
• The following are excluded from the guarantee: periodic checks, updates

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