We usually ship with SDA courier.
Usually the package with normal shipping takes from 3 to 5 days, except for a major cause.
Transportation if needed may be insured with a small sum.
The tracking of the package is always possible 24/24
Convenient and quick home or office delivery.
We always consider the cost advantageous because they pay attention to the economic aspect that weighs on the shipments.
On some products, the service is free.

We deliver in 24/48 hours in the main locations but it must be understood that the shipment depends exclusively on the courier.

The cost may vary if the product is relevant in size and weight.
Just ask before making the purchase

    We deliver in the shop, at home or in the office: if the courier does not find you, take a second
    pass or call you to arrange delivery for this reason it is good practice to leave the mobile number.
    If you are very busy or you are not in the place where you should receive the package, we can arrange the delivery details directly with the courier.
    Standard delivery is at the shop on the ground floor, but for large and / or heavy products,
    you can request it separately


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